Type of Detail: Opti Coat PRO Detail
Other Facts: None

This newly acquired 2011 Mercedes Benz R350 was in need of a permanent protection because the owner loved to detail his vehicle but recently threw his back out so regular claying and waxing was out of the picture. Luckily Opti-coat Pro is there for these kinds of situations providing 5+ years of durability that replaces regular waxing while providing even more protection. He will see me every year for a regular inspection and decontamination of his paint so that he does not have to deal with pains of bending to reach and work on lower panels.

Let’s get on with the detail.

Here is the vehicle before starting

As you can see, winter is taking it’s effects on condition of the vehicle

After a wash and my signature 3 step decontamination process. I inspected the paintwork to look for any swirling, hazing or hologramming that may have been present as the client informed me that he had purchased full exterior detailing before this but couldn’t not find any evidence of polishing.

The difference is ever so slight on white but in this picture the left side is polished while the right side is still in need of paint correction.

This is the same panel with a halogen light source, you can really tell the clarity brought upon the left side.

The gloss black trim pieces were also a swirly mess. Did my best to bring them to a presentable state while still maintaining enough material for future use.



Paint on quarter panel before:

and during now see if you can spot the difference.

Yes lights have to be polished as well



Bumper (Before)

Bumper (After)

Final Pictures after Opti Coat Pro

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