New Shop Car


Starting off with a thorough vacuum of the carpets, seats and mats then a fine mist of 303 Fabric Guard to add spill/stain resistance. I don’t plan on any foods in my cars but that doesn’t mean it’ll be liquid proof.

Using steam to clean the door cards and leather portion of the seats/steering wheel, then to make sure there nothing else use HD Total (all purpose cleaner)

Then some Fabric Guard on the fabric portions on the Recaros and Opti Guard Leather Guard on the leather portion (it’s like a conditioner that lasts 3+ years)

Applying the leather guard.

Center bolster covered in leather guard, don’t worry that shiny effect is just the product that gets absorbed by the leather

All clean and protected. Carpet, mats, and leather.


Now before I got my car there was a problem, a bird dropping left a etching which then resulted in the dealer giving the car to the body shop. The body shop wet sanded the etching and polished it but as I’ll show you there polishing skills need improvement.

Here’s the spot in the sunlight, full of holograms and swirls. Basically the polishing was not properly completed.

Also some wax in the paint protection film.

First thing was a very good pre-rinse to remove a majority of the dirt and debris and to make the paint safer to clean.

Then 2 bucket method wash with grit guard.

After that I used a clay towel to clean the vehicle from any fallout/embedded contaminants.

Finally a dry with high quality drying towels.

Next I masked off the trim and things I didn’t want my polisher to touch.

Going around the car and I decided to do a 50:50 shot for you guys. This shows you the before and after of the results I was achieving.

Can you see the difference between the swirled and polished paint?

The swirls aren’t just lines in the paint, these things attribute to the final shine in the paint. Less swirls/cobwebs in the paint mean shinier paint. Swirl makes are made from improper washing techniques. Have questions on how to wash properly? Ask here, I’m sure many people will be able to answer the questions correctly.

Final Results.

Paint was protected with Opti Coat: Ceramic Clear Coat

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