Hey Guys,

This 2014 Ford Mustang came in for paint correction, light interior and Opti-Coat PRO installation.

Process is as follows:

  • Pre-Rinse with Karcher HDS 3.5 at 90c to release almost all dripping rust proofing
  • Wash with Ultima Waterless Wash +
  • Clay with 3D Clay Lube and NanoSkin Medium
  • Compound with HD Adapt and B&S Finishing MF
  • Polish with Opti-Coat PRO primer polish and Green B&S
  • Opti-Coat Pro Application
  • Rinse mats, Steam clean seats and carpets

Before I got started:

Yummy rust proofing leaking all over the paint, recently heard from another customer that this actually had the ability to lift clear film over years of use. I will have to confirm this though.

The paint needs a safe wash

The old swipe test.

We can see the swirls on the fender, there not too drastic but again this car isn’t that old and the owner is meticulous.

After some work

You can sort of see the colour change here, the right side (trunk lid) is much more darker then the still quarter panel

Bumper Before:

Bumper After:

This was the end result. The only way black should look

Also did PDR which now available at our shop, please pay attention to the light bend in the reflection

That’s the spot after, can’t even tell that it was ever there.

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