I thought I would share a detail on a 2 day old Ghibli that was in for paint correction and Opti-Coat Pro.

What a beautiful key

Pre-Rinsed a vehicles at 90 deg. C so that most if not all transportation adhesives were removed. (dealer washed the vehicle but not very well. You could still see where the adhesives were.)

Starting from the wheels we used a citrus cleaner to removed any brake dust that was on the vehicle. Be Careful here as you cannot use a citrus cleaner on ceramic brakes so if you optioned for that, use regular car wash soap.

We then used 2 bucket method to gently removed dirt and debris from the paint work.

After decontamination (clay bar, iron remover, organic contaminant removal) and drying we brought inside to tape up. We taped all the portions that we didn’t want the polish touching.

Action shot during polishing.

Action shot during polishing.

And finally the RESULTS!

Polished to a high gloss shine.

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