Recently completed was the all new Lexus RcF. What a great looking vehicle Lexus has created, sounds amazing, interior is absolutely amazing and the curves are insane. Insane to polish.

First off we start with the wheels. Look at the size of those brakes! The most brake dust I’ve ever seen on a vehicle in such a short amount of time (more on this later)

Splatter from greasy tire dressing.

After a wash, we did Iron decontamination and clay bar.

Ready for polishing. Most new cars need to be polished a little.

After Polish

Then it was time for CQuartz UK.

Before I got around to do the whole car, I had to move the car to let another car move outside when parked back in I saw the most brake dust I had ever seen in such a short drive. Let this microfiber illustrate, and keep in mind this is just from a simple move.

Now after we were all done.

Okay I’ll stop posting pictures now 🙂

Thanks for viewing.

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