Here it is before anything was done to it.

As you can see winter hasn’t been kind to use this year.

Inspecting the condition of the paint after a thorough wash and decontamination.

Yep, needs polishing.

Swirls on the lights as well.


Bumper Before:


The side mirror

Left side of the hood is corrected.

Also did a engine shampoo. Keeps the engine running cool in the summer plus it looks great.

Forgot to grab pics of the door before I started working on them but lets use our imagination. Before


That is a bird crap that left a little too long. That’s how it looks under the lights.

That’s after some paint correction

Finished results. Yes they are swirls left but that’s because we only did a 1 step correction plus not enough paint to dig deeper.

Sorry I couldn’t grab too many pictures, I was running behind schedule.

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