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At Get Detail we understand the significance of a car in your life. To give maximum protection to your car we offer quality auto car detailing services through the hands of professionals. We take full responsibility for your car and you can avail our services regarding auto car detailing in Toronto to give your car an elegant look. We offer a wide range of services by using the quality products to protect your car and to win your trust in return. We are the Ceramic Pro exclusive distributor in Toronto and are having years of experience to offer nothing less than best to our valued customers.To make your car shiny and to protect it from problems like dust, scratches, rust, crevices, and others you can contact our skilled team member for the help. We are the Toronto Ceramic Pro exclusive distributor and will ensure that you get the best treatment through the hands of our experienced technicians. Quality is the key element in our services. To give a complete makeover to your car, have a look at our wide range of services that include auto car detailing, paint correction, new car preparation, paint protection film, and more.

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Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

Car Detailing

How long has it been since your car was last waxed? Interior detailing?

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Details are designed to bring a new level of shine to your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

This will protect your car paint from road derbies that could scratch it.

New Car Prep

New Car Prep is the best choice to enrich your ownership experience.

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Get Detailed – Ceramic Pro

We are proud to announce that Get Detailed is now the highest volume user of Ceramic Pro Protection Products in Canada

Car Transformation

We put our hearts into transforming your car to something that you would be proud of

Clients’ Testimonials

Momin Chaudhry

5 Stars Rating

We had Ceramic Pro and Xpel Paint film done on our Audi Q7. Excellent service by the staff here and a really clean facility. Would recommend them again and the job was great. Will be bringing the new car here when it arrives.


Hamza and the team did an outstanding job helping me out. Even though they work on high-end cars most of the time, they had no issue taking in my 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier! Some places refuse to work on cars like mine for whatever reason.. but they welcomed me with open arms! I did extensive research to find the best detailers in GTA. I live in Mississauga and have a bunch of detailers near my house but after finding Get Detailed on a website that featured it being the top 3 in GTA, I checked it out, saw its reviews and booked an appointment (even though it was an hour away). I contacted them through the number that was provided and had no problem getting a response right away. I had to reschedule once or twice since I had a busy schedule plus it would take me an hour to get there. But they were very understanding! I wanted to get my car polished and waxed since it was recently painted, when I arrived one of the nice guys helped me out and explained my options. There was an issue with my bank while trying to pay but they didn’t hesitate to work on my car while I figured it out! Hamza ( the boss ) even offered to drop me off to the mall while my car was receiving what I was going to pay for (wash, clay bar, decontamination procedure, 2nd hand wash, 1 step polish, 2 applications of wax). They showed my hood after it was polished and waxed before working on the rest of the car to see my response and if I wanted it done differently, but I was very happy! When I got my car back about 2.5 hours later, I was very pleased. They even washed and detailed my wheels! I had to go back to the bank to withdrawal and Hamza was so so nice and understanding enough to let me go! With my car, I know for a fact a few customers could take advantage of this but I feel like we understood each other! I left my belongings anyways just to make them less nervous haha. I came back and paid for the job, and left happily! I’m definitely going to come back again and recommend them to all my friends! Many of them were surprised how shiny the car was, especially at night! The only thing I’m disappointed about is that when I got my quote, the person who gave me the deal, told me the small rock chip on my hood would also be taken care of. When I got back, I noticed it wasn’t fixed.. but everything else was perfect.
N Hugh

5 Stars Rating

I had my car coated with the Ceramic Pro gold package a few days ago at Get Detailed/Ceramic Pro Markham and was very happy with the overall results. The paint looks like a deeper shade of the original with a glossy sheen. Dust wipes right off the finish. Waiting for the curing to be complete to get the full effect.

Location: Easy to get to/find and has a decent parking lot. Shop was just renovated and has a nice viewing room.
Customer Service: Top notch – Kevin is friendly, responsive, accommodating, patient, and takes pride in the work done at the shop.

I would definitely recommend Kevin and his team.

William Xie

5 Stars Rating

You want to get your car detailed and are from York Region? Contact Hamza, he does great work. Cleaned out my interior from a frightening mess. Got rid of smell and mess in the interior and gave me an exterior wash as well. Had food particles and wine stains on the carpet and interior. I have a beige interior, yet Hamza was able to get it all out with no traces left; no scent no stains, nothing like new.
He was even able to get to behind the gas and brake pedals, to clean out the salt stains from the past winters, and normal everyday dirt that has been embedded into the beige carpet.

Brian L

5 Stars Rating

This is my second time taking my vehicle in for Hamza and his team.

Each time I brought my vehicle, they did a great job on bringing the paint back to almost brand new condition. Small details they did not skip and both times they surpassed my expectations on how the vehicle turned out.

It was incredible how Hamza got all the swirls out of my dark paint even when viewed under sunlight. His attention to detail when fixing my rock chips on the hood and pillar showed that he really cares about each job he gets. My ride is not fancy, yet the final results seemed like he treated it as if it was an exotic.

When I brought my second to Get Detailed, Jay was very patient and friendly when answering all my concerns of the paint defects. He gave me different options and offered to help fix issues with my paint without going to the body shop. Jay updated me on the progress and if he had any questions he called me before getting back to work.

Kevin and Jay did an amazing job preparing my paint into like new condition before applying 9H. We are very happy how it turned out just like the first time!

Thanks guys for the incredible work!! 🙂

Matt Colbran

5 Stars Rating

Kevin and Hamza have been nothing but incredible to deal with. Amazing prices! Amazing customer service! I recommend them to everyone.

Salim Balolia

5 Stars Rating

Took my mustang to get the ceramic pro treatment. Hamza worked hard on the preparation and now the car looks super glossy! Highly recommended.

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Get Detailed has been selected by as the best out of the top 10 car detailers in the GTA. We are very proud of this achievement and would like to renew our commitment to deliver state of the art services to our customers (read review details).

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