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Ceramic Pro- Things You Need to Know

Looking to give an additional layer of protection to your car? Well, Ceramic Pro is what you are looking for. It can be defined as a lucid, multilayer and liquid nanoceramic coating that is applied through the capable hands of experts in Toronto. This technology transform itself on a rigid and flexible glass shield. It can be understood as additional layers that offer 3-folds the hardness compared to factory original paint and gives your paint self-cleaning functionality.


There is no doubt that it is holding a key place and most preferred product for protective coating in the industry. Our clients will exclusively get ceramic pro service in Toronto through experts. We have tailored Ceramic Pro packages for our clients ensuring affordability. We are working with the aim to offer best protection as desired by our clients without extra burden on their pocket. You don’t need to worry about anything because Ceramic-pro is coming with Full-warranty and it is approved by CarProof.

Looking for more? We are also offering the following things from our list of services to cater the need of our valued customers. Read ahead:


-Paint Correction

-3M Paint Protection Film

-Windshield Protection

-Window Tinting

-Automotive Detailing Services & much more.


Services Offered

Below we have listed the other services along with their little description to give you a precise idea about them. You can pick any of these according to your need:


1- Ceramic Pro Coating

First one the list we have Ceramic pro coating. Irrespective of if you have a new or old car, if your thinking about a way to protect your car paint from aging or fading then Ceramic Pro service in Toronto is the right thing service you’ll want. Furthermore, it also protects your car paint aesthetics that gets affected due to stains, scuff or tree sap, or tar.


2- Auto Detailing

To perfect and maintain your car we offer auto detailing. We have exception staff using the only the best tools from around the world.


3- Paint Correction

Precision and timely processing of securely leveling a vehicle clear coats is achieved by eliminating the accumulated paint imperfections. Experts complete the task to give a smooth-finished result.


4- Paint Protection Film (PPF)

This gives you the protection against the damage caused by the gravel, rocks, and edgy substances that will chip away at your paint.


5- Window Tinting

Window tinting offer privacy, security and heat resistance to you and your passengers. It also gives your car a more completed look.

What are you waiting for? To get best installation of Ceramic Pro service in Toronto, get in touch with Get Detailed for professional assistance.

Ceramic Pro Car Transformation

We put our hearts into transforming your car to something that you would be proud of

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