Porsche 964 – Paint Correction / Restoration

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Check out a video created of the process of this Porsche 964. It as a paint correction and the before and afters are crazy! Most of the scratches were removed from this car! We washed and polished. It was a great pleasure working with this amazing vintage car. Here in our shop, we detailed new and vintage cars. This video proves that it is possible to reduce scratches from a vintage car:


Really cool, right? If you want to quote your vehicle call +1 647-550-8704 we will be more than happy to help you.


I also recommend checking out this detailing video of a new Tesla Model 3: Tesla Model 3 – Xpel and Ceramic Pro Gold

It shows how you can prevent scratches and rock chips and all kind of advantages of having the Ceramic PRO and Xpel on your car. keep in mind that it’s always better to prevent than to fix.


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